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Dell EMC PowerMax 8500
Introducing future-ready and cyber-resilient storage

Dell EMC PowerMax-8500

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Dell PowerMax 8500
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Today’s Mission-critical applications require a new approach to enterprise storage infrastructure

In today’s digital economy, unparalleled software innovation, multi-cloud agility and advancements in workflow automation have given organizations the opportunity to become disruptive and innovate with data. To keep pace with business demands and capitalize on this opportunity, organizations need to accelerate the time between data creation and innovation, but face numerous headwinds. Data is growing exponentially and is more diverse and distributed than ever before. In addition, organizations are struggling to breakdown internal operational silos, protect their IT infrastructure from sophisticated cyber security threats, increase developer productivity and overcome cloud complexity.

To address these challenges, organizations need trusted and innovative enterprise storage that provides unparalleled performance, scalability, and security at scale without compromise. Dell’s new PowerMax is designed to be secure, intelligent, and always modern so that businesses can fully unlock the power of data.

The latest PowerMaxOS 10 software builds on decades of software innovation to provide trusted, intelligent, secure storage for the most demanding missioncritical workloads while simplifying operations. Based on NVMe dynamic fabric technology, the new PowerMax systems eliminate traditional storage boundries in every possible dimension—performance, scalability, capacity, security—to meet the increasing demands of traditional workloads and next generation cloud-based applications.

Built to consolidate

PowerMax is designed to consolidate demanding mixed workloads through its extreme levels of performance and unprecedented response times. It’s modern scale-up and scale-out architecture is ideal for relational databases, real-time analytics, demanding transaction processing workloads and big data applications that require uncompromising uptime and extremely low latency.

Dell’s newest PowerMax systems consist of two models, the PowerMax 2500 and 8500, that are offered with inclusive software bundles to simplify ordering. The PowerMax 2500 delivers high performance in a compact package storing up to 7x more capacity (8PBe) in half the rack space compared with previous models. Along with its high efficiency design, the 2500 supports the full complement of rich data services for open systems, mainframe, file, and virtual environments.

The PowerMax 8500 delivers leading performance at scale for the most demanding mixed workloads requiring predictable performance with always-on availability. The 8500 delivers up to 2x faster performance and 50% lower response times with up to 18PBe of capacity11 compared with previous models. Like the PowerMax 2500, the 8500 can easily consolidate open systems, mainframe, file, and virtualized storage to simplify operations, significantly reduce TCO and increase ROI.

Both models incorporate the latest technologies needed to meet stringent service levels – powerful Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, high-speed cache, RDMA over NVMe, and 100Gb InfiniBand.

The 2500 and 8500 offer several advantages for delivering the highest storage performance, resiliency, and efficiency through cutting-edge flexible RAID technology. Flexible RAID provides more usable storage capacity by leveraging granular storage media, load balancing, and several RAID options – RAID 1, 5, 6. And the combination of dynamic fabric technology along with flexible RAID allows every node to access every drive and single drive upgrades to increase overall storage capacity.

Both models also support key IBM zSystems technology that can deliver high performance for mainframe environments including zHyperLink for extremely low latency reads and 32 Gb FICON supporting the new IBM z16.


The PowerMax 8500 is the flagship of the PowerMax family combining the richest data services with ultimate scalability. It offers the highest levels of performance for the most demanding mission-critical workloads. Get the utmost in security with the world’s most secure mission-critical storage, designed for Zero Trust security environments. Not only does PowerMaxOS software update in under 6 seconds, it also supports 65M secure snapshots and the most granular cyber recovery at scale to optimize RPO.

The 8500 incorprates automated performance optimization (AI/ML) and is the industry’s first automated end-to-end NVMe/TCP deployment solution powered by the breakthrough dynamic fabric architecture. The 8500 not only has a 4:1 data reduction guaranteed but also is the industry’s first array to use REST API storage provisioning for block, file, and mainframe environments. PowerMax 8500 delivers up to 2x faster performance, under 60 microseconds read response times, and up 2x faster rebuild times compared with previous models. The PowerMax 8500 is intuitive and resilient, adapting as your organization grows.

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World's most secure mission-critical storage

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Highly scalable dynamic fabric architecture


Model Dell PowerMax 2500 Dell PowerMax 8500
Response Times (Reads) Under 60 microseconds Under 60 microseconds
Effective Capacity per Array 13 TBu - 8 PBe 13 TBu - 18 PBe
Data Reduction Guarantee 4:1 data reduction (Open) 3:1 data reduction (Mainframe) 4:1 data reduction (Open) 3:1 data reduction (Mainframe)
Nodes per Array (for Scale Out) 2-4 2-16
Max. Front-End Host Ports per Array 64 256
Use Case Midmarket and enterprise storage, consolidation, transactional workloads Enterprise plus storage, massive consolidation, transactional workloads
Data Type Open systems, mainframe, File, IBM i, and virtualized apps Open systems, mainframe, File, IBM i, and virtualized apps
Max. Number of Devices (LUNs) 64K 64K
Max. Numbers of Secure Snapshots 65M 65M


Download the Dell EMC PowerMax 8500 Data Sheet (PDF).

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Dell EMC Products
Dell PowerMax Products
Dell PowerMax 8500
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