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Dell Technologies Updates VDI Complete Solutions and Unveils its Most Versatile Thin Client
Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 10:10:33 AM


VDI made easier for multiple use cases across any organization

Dell Technologies World, LAS VEGAS May 1, 2018

News summary

  • New Dell Wyse 5070 offers multiple OS, configuration and deployment options
  • Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions now includes Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th generation infrastructure and simplified configuration options
  • Companies embrace new ways to procure, deploy and manage virtual desktops and apps

Full story

Dell Technologies is unveiling the new Dell Wyse 5070 thin client, the companys most versatile and scalable thin client platform that enables organizations to select just the right configuration based on their employees needs. In addition, Dell Technologies is expanding Dell EMCs VDI Complete Solutions, powered by VMware Horizon, to include support for 14th generation PowerEdge server infrastructure and virtualized graphics options for high-performance workloads. Both solutions lower the barrier to VDI adoption, making it easier than ever for organizations to plan, deploy, and run desktop and application virtualization within their IT environments.

Dell Wyse 5070 thin client provides unprecedented options and True 4K multi-display technology

Yesterdays thin clients had one configuration and little support for peripherals, browser-based solutions and unified communications. This meant that most organizations had to deploy a range of thin clients and PCs based on user profiles and workloads. Now, Dell has dramatically simplified standardization on a single thin client platform across the enterprise, making it easier for IT to deploy, and helping extend the security, cost and manageability benefits of thin clients for organizations.

The Wyse 5070 thin client is Dells most versatile thin client ever produced with more than 1,600 factory configurations available. This versatility allows customers to procure the right solution for their workforce without over-equipping or overspending. Customers can choose just the right core components from processor, graphics and memory options, and match them with specialized options with support up to six displays. From a single platform, the 5070 can scale to support task workers, knowledge workers, and even high-end, workstation-level use cases. Main benefits include:

  • Software and application versatility: Customers can install the 5070 in a Citrix, Microsoft or VMware virtual workspace environment with the choice of Dells own Wyse ThinOS or ThinLinux operating systems or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. It also supports commonly-used, web-based productivity applications such as Office365 and Google Docs.
  • Forward-looking features: The Wyse 5070 is packed with features for today and tomorrows office environments including support for true 4K graphics (4K resolution on multiple monitors at 60Hz) for multimedia and graphics-intensive applications. The range of connectivity options includes multiple integrated DisplayPorts, USB 3.1 Type C and wired and wireless connectivity. Physically compact, the 5070 features 21 ports and slots for remarkable expandability.
  • High-end performance at a mid-range price: Dell is setting a new standard for price/performance. The 5070 represents a step function in performance while its price remains comparable to its predecessors. Further, it offers greater performance and more options at a better price than its primary competitors.

    The new Wyse 5070 thin clients can be managed through Wyse Management Suite, an advanced thin client management solution that lets organizations centrally configure, monitor, manage and optimize their Wyse thin clients. The solution can be used either as an on-premises or cloud-managed solution, or a combination of both, with an easy-to-use interface.

Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions now supports 14th Generation PowerEdge server infrastructure

Dell EMC has expanded its VDI Complete Solutions offer to include new features that our customers are demanding the most. VDI Complete Solutions now includes support for Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th generation servers based on Dell EMC VxRail and vSAN Ready Nodes. The solution also adds NVIDIA Quadro virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software and NVIDIA Tesla P40 GPUs for professional, workstation-class workloads. For endpoints, VDI Complete features the newest Wyse thin clients and OptiPlex PCs, including the new Dell Wyse 5070. These enhancements enable organizations to deliver a predictable, high-quality experience for end users.

Organizations are continually challenged with empowering their mobile workforce with secure endpoints and providing access to critical business data, all while controlling cost. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) addresses these problems but has traditionally faced long planning cycles, significant upfront investments, and inconsistent user experiences across locations and devices. Dell EMC VDI Complete Solutions reduces the barriers to adoption of desktop and application virtualization technologies by making it easier to buy, deploy and manage with streamlined support and predictable pricing. The solution is now even easier to buy with customizable, bundled options that make it easy for organizations to select the configurations best suited for their specific use cases.

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